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Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscar comment

I have just enough time to pose a question before the baby starts crying and wanting milk again!!! (At least he is finally eating and it seems like he is gaining weight. He wasn't back to his birth weight by 3 weeks, and the doctor was telling me to nurse, nurse, nurse, but he doesn't like to eat - he just wanted to sleep alllll the dang time. This week, he is eating a lot more, so I am stuck with the opposite problem of having him glued to my chest every hour or two for 30 minutes. I started to feel the beginnings of mastitis last night, so I was soaking my chest in hot wash cloths and pumping when baby H. was asleep, then when he woke up, I nursed him on the sore breast and pumped the other simultaneously, it was quite a production! )
I'm getting Cabin Fever majorly here, but the Dr.s want me to keep baby H. inside for another month since it is flu season. This is torture! It wouldn't be so bad if the weather was warm and I could at least go for stroller rides outside, but I am stuck indoors, staring at the walls and the furniture while I play milk machine to the young 'n. Yes, visitors would be nice! I have bookclub tomorrow, but seeing as there is a winter storm advisory, I doubt I'll be going!
Ok, on to my Oscar's question:
Why oh, why did they have Beyonce sing THREE songs last night, could they not afford/find another singer, I mean, yes she has some vocal talent and is able to reinvent herself in a matter of minutes, but come on, people, there are singers all across America that are starving! Give someone else a chance here. There. Got that off my chest.(seems to be the focus of this entry, eh?)
Ah, baby crying! Gotta go!

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