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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Out of the prison!

I went to bookclub last night (No, I didn't read the book - no time!).
I had forgotten what gourmet chefs those women are! Man, what fabulous food! Sarah made a broccoli/artichoke sort of casserole, the new girl, Melissa, made marinated asparagus, Stacy made an Indian pudding, Laurel made a spinach/citrus-y salad, Lori made feta cheese kalamata olive/phyllo cups, Gina made a cheesy potato dish, and I (Todd) made Mrs. Flaggert’s Oatmeal Tarts, which I renamed Honey Tarts since “Oatmeal Tarts” sounds bland, and they are NOT bland! It was nice to see everyone again, even though I had to take H, and he fussed the whole time (except when Stacy held him – he loooooves her!). So next time, no baby!
I even partook in Sarah's famous Sangria, which truly delivered and made the baby extra happy when we got home since alcohol stimulates the milk-producing glands. He went right to sleep and slept nicely through the night> I guess he just missed me.
Most of all, I was happy to see those friends again. I have to admit, I think I babbled on and on, I had so many conversations stored up from my months in seclusion! Ah, well, they didn't SEEM to mind. Our next book is going to be Straight Man. Hopefully, I can get some reading done this time!

Thursday, March 17, 2005

the 4 letter word

I can't believe tht in a matter of days I will be back behind a desk, dressed in non-pajama clothing, having conversations with adults. Am I ready for this new balancing act? er, NO!
I have no idea how I will pull it off, thoughts of the chaotic morning prep to come are haunting me.Hopefully, Todd will still be laid off so he can watch the baby - one less worry - but then again we need him to work so we can pay bills...Catch 22, anyone?