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Friday, October 29, 2004


My friend Cait said it best, "Nothing is sexier than seeing your husband treating your kids well".
My oh, so-talented-with-the-tools husband has created the most beautiful robot costume ever imagined for our little guy. He constructed it out of a box, and spray painted it silver. Most dads, I think would stop there, but, no, my husband worked diligently for hours and days, adding a metal fan thing in the front, weaving wires in and out, and connected colored LED lights around the top edge of the body. Then he added an actual switch so the lights can be turned on or off!

All of those elements would have been more than enough, but no, he went further, to create arms and legs out of that silver foil-looking coil stuff that people use on the back of their dryers ( I think it's called flexible duct, but what do I know?). Then he made a helmet that has bolts sticking out of the sides. It is the coolest retro-robot costume EVER, and I 'm married to the guy that made it! Isn't that sweet?

I'm a bit worried that this fabulous costume won't get much "air-time" seeing as most of our neighborhood, as it turns out, is Christian Reformed, and will not be participating. (even after the town moved the Trick r Treat day to Saturday) I don't get that - I mean, yes, the holiday was based on a pagan tradition, but do little kids even know or care about that anymore? I think they are more interested in the make-believe and the candy, and THAT is what Halloween is about. It's about pretending to be something you are not for one day and getting away with it. On any other day of the year, if someone was driving down the street, or working as a checkout person, or what have you, dressed as Superman or Goldilocks or a pregnant nun, they would be deemed insane! We need to take advantage of these "freebie" days when the insane are allowed to comingle with the sane, a sort of "camouflage" if you will.

Halloween is all about letting go of our inhibitions, expressing our deepest desires to be someone or something other than our every-day selves, it's just all in FUN! My husband says he is going to go knock on every door on our street, whether the porch light is on or not, and ask them to hand over the goods. Not every holiday has to have some deep-rooted religious or political meaning, and this is one of those cases. Halloween, Just DO IT!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Bedtime Conversation

Son: "Mama, I just heard your toe crack"
Me: "Yes, it did"
Son: " It cracks because you're old?"
Me: "I am not old."
Son: "Yes, you are. You are ooooold. You married daddy and now you are old, old, old!"

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

camera dilemma

I'm getting quite annoyed with my little digital camera. It's this tiny thing that looks like a pack of Big Red gum, and it's made by Sony. I get tons of compliments and comments on its cuteness, but as far as the pictures are concerned, it gives me the results that I could get with a disposable.

I've heard so many raves about the Nikon D70, and being a Nikon freak myself, I thought I would jump on that bandwagon. After my husband and I did some research last night, we found that the Nikon D70 would cost as much as our leather sofa/recliner set, so I need to turn elsewhere.

I tend to make poor decisions when it comes to buying equipment, and will accept any recommendations for another digital camera of comparable quality to the D70 but priced for the middle class/hobby-only photographer. Ideas? Anyone? Much appreciated!

Monday, October 25, 2004

One of the main reasons Todd and I picked this neighborhood is the abundance of big old trees Posted by Hello

This reminded me of a Maxfield Parrish painting Posted by Hello

Friday, October 22, 2004

A Tale of Two Bras

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So the day finally came in my pregnancy. The day that I had been dreading and avoiding and hoping to possibly ignore and sweep under the rug like a cheeto crumb on the kitchen floor. The day that I would have to go and buy (gasp) a bigger bra!

I had grown accostomed to my nice, medium-smallish, smallish-medium size, available in cute colors and limitless varieties of fabrics that I had aquired after my son deflated my chest with his 1-year-plus of breast-feeding. So it was with much aggravation and discontent that I dragged myself to the local Meijer's to purchase the new brassiere. Yes, Meijer's, the Supermaket/superstore - I am NOT going to drop $45.00 on a piece of fabric, which no one will see, that I will wear for a mere 4 months. I will NOT!

I was surprised to find that Meijer's actually had quite a decent selection of bras. Pretty ones, sporty ones, bras just for fun, all up to a size C. Now, anyone who has been or knows someone who has been pregnant will tell you that a size C will just not cut it. I had to go over to the OTHER side of the women's section, where the "big girl" bras are kept. (and by kept, I mean they actually HIDE them in a drawer rather than put these mammoth contraptions out on the floor where they may frighten small children) The big girl bras are not sporty or fun or pretty, they are plain. Plain as the plains in Kansas, they are so plain. Meijer's is no Lane Bryant, they do not provide fun fashions for everywoman, they carry large, plain undergarments. Grumbling and cursing while I rummaged through the drawers, I managed to find a bra in my new size, in black...there was ONE non-white or beige bra in the entire store in my size, mind you , just one! I snagged it and tried it on whilst fighting back tears of mourning for the cute little bras that would not come home with me that day, quickly grabbed another random bra in the same size, and speed-walked, sweating, to the check-out area. I was holding my purchases at arm's length, trying to avoid any connection between myself and the gargantuan bras.

I managed to reach the front of the store, out of breath and panting, finding that all the lines were full. Of men. Who will seeme and my giant bras. And then....just as I thought it couldn't get any worse, I heard a voice to my left, saying "Hey, watch where you're going!" I turned in my over-heated flushedness to see that the voice was speaking to me, and it was attached to the body of..... my sophomore prom date.....and his wife.....and I... Am carrying...two.Giant.Utilitybras.

wireless world

It's not such a great testimonial for your wireless company when your son thinks he has a new dad because he doesn't recognize his voice on the cell phone!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Car Conversation #2

son: "Mama, I just saw giant spiders on someone's gate"
me: "Really? Were they Halloween decorations?"
son: "Yeah, they don't poop."

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Warning: rant on the way

It really irks me when people act shocked when I tell them that I am going back to work after I have the baby. People need to realize that not all of us have a choice in the matter. Some of us HAVE to go back to work so that we can have a house, a car, electricity, water and gas.

What maddens me even more is when they say that if I would just cut back on the extras, then I can make it happen. Well, here is a news flash - I ALREADY HAVE CUT BACK ON THE EXTRAS! My mommy still buys my clothes for me, even though I am 32! How sad is that?! I had hoped that by this age, I could be doing more for her than she does for me, but it just has not gone that way.

When people suggest that we move to a less expensive house, I can honestly say that the houses at a "cheaper" level are all in a state that, once we get them fixed so that they are live-in-able, our mortgage will be the same as it is now. So there! We know, we looked at over 100 houses before we moved.

I can blame it on the economy, I can blame it on me not "applying" myself right after college, I can blame it on my former crazy spending habits, but what does that solve? The fact of the matter is, I am a working mother. I work outside of the home. I always have, and most likely always will. If you see that as wrong, you may send massive monetary donations my way at anytime...I get home after 4.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Car Conversation

My Son: "Mama, why does that police car have its siren on?"
Me: "Someone probably did something really naughty"
Son: "Did someone write on a wall or somefin'?"

Monday, October 11, 2004

Sunday Stroll in Saugatuck

{It feels like it has been ages since my last post... we are renting out the room that our computer lives in, so I have to wait until I am at work to get online.}

What a fabulous weekend it was, weatherwise! The leaves on the trees are starting to turn into the amazing fiery colors that make me love the Fall season.

Yesterday, on a whim, our friend Rob G. called us up and invited us along on a color walk through Saugatuck/Douglas. Our initial plans to climb the 300 steps in Douglas and do a beachwalk were nixed due to a couple unexpected encounters, but in the end, we had a fabulous time. Rob and Todd had fun climbing the steps while I manned the van with the sleeping 3 1/2 year old,who ended up wetting the seat in his sleep, so we had to make a detour into the town of Saugatuck for emergency pants!

The emergency stop ended up being a wonderful experience. The town was bustling with people, and the sun was just beginning to set, casting a golden light upon the artfully decorated town. Todd asked around and found out about a kid's clothing store called Landshark's/Landshark kids. The kid's store was closed, but Todd told the manager his sob story and she opened up shop for him (only in Saugatuck, people!)**remember, this all took place on a SUNDAY evening** Todd purchased some sweatpants and Scooby-Doo underwear, which made the boy very excited, and we all jumped out of the van and took to the sidewalks.
Our tummies were letting us know that it was time to eat, so we searched for the perfect sandwich shop. I was amazed to see that every one of the bar/grill type stops were PACKED! ON A SUNDAY NIGHT! Rob informed us that even in the ultra-liberal towns in Germany, the stores all shut down on the Holy day. Too bad real estate is so high in Saugatuck, I wouldn't mind lving in this relaxed environment. We ate at a little diner called Monroe's, which boasted Marilyn memorabilia as well as other 1950's Hollywood cutouts. Our dinner was yummy, but the portions were slim, so we decided we had plenty o' room for ice cream.

There was a debate over which ice cream shoppe to visit, but Rob's choice won out, since it was getting near 8pm and everything else was closed(On our walk, Rob pointed out his favorite stores which included a wine store and an outdoor eatery - When I go to Saugatuck with my mom, she points out her favorite clothing boutiques, and when I go with my friend Laurel, she tends to notice the artist galleries. I decided that, in order for me to see everything Saugatuck has to offer, I will have to go with a different friend each time). We ended up at the uber-fancy Kilwin's, where a caramel apple will put a hefty dent of $7.50 in your wallet (zoinks!). I opted for my usual Blue Moon ice cream, and Todd bought some Choco-Peanut Butter Fudge. We feasted on our treats as we headed back to the car.

The walk to the van was heavenly, as the streets were decked out with twinkling white lights and orange, red and gold Harvest-style decor. The cool, crisp Autumn breeze blew as I marveled at the fact that I had never witnessed Saugatuck in all its evening glamour. It was a fine way to top off the tail end of a weekend, indeed.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My husband, the chef

I don't get it....he does it (well...almost!) every time. How my husband can throw together ingredients on a whim - no recipe, no measurements - and make a dish fit for a Queen and her court is beyond my culinary comprehension.
Last night, it was stuffed green peppers (vegetarian, of course), which I usually poopoo, but he made it just right so that the green pepper was still crunchy! (He knows I hate cooked & floppy veggies). Mr. Husband was even so thoughtful as to make extras for my lunch. I am savoring them now, and since the tomato, rice and soy meat flavors have had time to mingle, the tasty outcome is even greater.
I noticed that he also bought some squash from a local farm stand. I can't wait to see what he'll come up with tonight!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Autumn winds blow chilly and cold...

Fall is my favorite time of year. My niece is so lucky to have been named after this glorious season. (Her name is Autumn, not Fall...*ahem*)

Using My dad's visit from Oregon as an excuse, I took a paid vacation day and toured our city, on the verge of blossoming into the technicolor wonders of the season. The air was a bit more chilly than I had anticipated, so seeking out pools of direct sunlight was high on my list. Alternating incubation with observation,Dad,the boy and I were able to squeeze in several activities before dinner time.

Our first stop was the everpopular Robinette's Apple Orchard, where I consumed my traditional "Opening of Fall Pumpkin Spice cinnamon doughnut". Just as I imagined, the doughnut was warm - freshly baked - and so tasty, I didn't notice the empty calories. We had hoped to score some hot cider, but those crazy Red Hat Society ladies jumped in the cider bar line before us, and I opted to buy a cold pint from the country store instead. I was on a mission to get on with the tour, and I wasn't going to let those yippity Red Hats get in my way! The boy ran to the wagon/slide and took about 3 rides before he came shivering back to my dad and I, so we decided to continue our tour in a heated environment.

Our next destination was Pooh's Corner, a bookstore that I frequented as a child, and, although it is now quite out of my way, is the only place I will spend money on children's books. Riley played with the Brio trainset while I picked up a copy of a Fire engine book, Bread and Jam for Frances, and my dad bought a book about a lady with lots of cats. We spent quite some time here, as the extremely energetic boy needed to expend some of his jetfuel before getting in the van again.

My son had been begging me to take him to a new park that we pass on our way to preschool, so today seemed the best opportunity. Once again, after we hopped out of the Kia, I proceeded to find my little niche of UV rays as the boy shoved his new toy Corvette down the slides. There was a very curious stone path in the rear of the park that I was dying to explore, so we all took off on that excursion until the boy got the willies and decided the woods were too scary and dark to endure. (dang it!Although I have to admit, I had watched some real-life abduction/murder investigation stories the night before, and deep down, I felt his fear). So we merged back to the playground and watched some daring teens (why weren't they in school?)ride their bikes on the skate ramps until our goosebumps grew in-laws, and we had to call it quits.

Although I had dreamed of a day full of colored leaves, a long hike in the woods and piping hot cider, the hours we spent together were beneficial for the three of us. My dad and I talked more than we had in a year, and the little man had his own jolly good fun. All of this, and I was paid for it too!