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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Out of the prison!

I went to bookclub last night (No, I didn't read the book - no time!).
I had forgotten what gourmet chefs those women are! Man, what fabulous food! Sarah made a broccoli/artichoke sort of casserole, the new girl, Melissa, made marinated asparagus, Stacy made an Indian pudding, Laurel made a spinach/citrus-y salad, Lori made feta cheese kalamata olive/phyllo cups, Gina made a cheesy potato dish, and I (Todd) made Mrs. Flaggert’s Oatmeal Tarts, which I renamed Honey Tarts since “Oatmeal Tarts” sounds bland, and they are NOT bland! It was nice to see everyone again, even though I had to take H, and he fussed the whole time (except when Stacy held him – he loooooves her!). So next time, no baby!
I even partook in Sarah's famous Sangria, which truly delivered and made the baby extra happy when we got home since alcohol stimulates the milk-producing glands. He went right to sleep and slept nicely through the night> I guess he just missed me.
Most of all, I was happy to see those friends again. I have to admit, I think I babbled on and on, I had so many conversations stored up from my months in seclusion! Ah, well, they didn't SEEM to mind. Our next book is going to be Straight Man. Hopefully, I can get some reading done this time!


Anonymous said...

Dear Patti, you should put your thoughts down on paper, would make great reading for other young mothers, or mothers to be. I missed the tarts... too bad. Love, family in Oregon

Anonymous said...

Patti, I feel the same way about that night. What a feast we had! I really love spending time with you guys. I always come away from our meetings wishing I was closer with all of you. Then life takes over and there never seems to be time to reach out and make it happen. I guess I'm just going to have to make a conscious effort from now on! Reading your website is a start and it's been fun. -Gina

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