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Friday, January 20, 2006

first steps

I haven't been posting because I hate writing when I'm down. When I was in the midst of the high school trauma of trying to find where I fit in, and all that loveliness of teenagerdom, I wrote books and books of poems, expressing my downward feelings, but let's face it, writing about being down in the dumpies is not entertaining!
Today's post, instead, has a little something to do with the baby. The other night, he took his first steps! The best part of his reaching this milestone is the fact that all of our family was there to witness the action. The four Gundersons were congregated in the playroom/computer room, and baby H. was trying to stand. I was holding onto him and then I just gently released him and Todd reached his hands out and Baby H went step, step, step over to daddy. R., myself and daddy all started cheering, I was jumping up and down, and H. was just beaming with joy and the sense of accomplishment.
In one week, my littlest guy will be one year old. *sigh* I will cherish these little moments in my heart forever.


Anonymous said...

makes one smile, one step at a time. Love from Oregon

Molly D said...

Wow...they grow so fast! Betsy does something new and amazing every day it seems like! :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful milestone with us!

lori said...

Yay for H! It's so great when they do something new.