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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

clinically speaking

Baby H. had his CF clinics today. For those of you not hip to the CF scene, it is the at least tri-monthly visit to the Pulmonology clinic where CF'ers get weighed, measured, cultured and evqaluated so Dr.s can note their progress and make changes to their meds/diets if needed.
The Dr.s were so elated with H's progress, that they proclaimed that he should be used as an example for a CF'er who is doing well.
That's a relief....I get really excited when I hear that news, but then I realize he's only been doing well for 9 months out of his WHOLE LIFE. We have no idea when he will start a decline, so I will take this news and feel the glory for now, dang it!!!
Now we will commence to the part of H's life that I have been dreading ever since his diagnosis. The switch to "real" foods. He's been doing so well on his special drink mix, that I am scared to make the change. CF kids require 1 1/2 times the calories of a "normal" kid's diet. This means that Todd and I will have to make sure that he gets heavy, fat-laden foods while we try to eat low-fat. I am terrified of what our grocery bill will look like. With one vegetarian, one carnivore, ane eater-of-low-fat foods and one eater-of-high-fat foods, mealtime is going to prove to be quite an interesting ordeal, indeed!

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