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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

An online friend of mine, Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe, suggested that we all take a time out during this crazy Holiday season to reflect on a few things for which we are thankful. Listed below is my contribution:

1. I am thankful to Ronnie and his stunning new wife, Mandi for creating a huge forum for those of us who are linked to the CF community - It wasn't long ago that I would do an internet search for CF and come up with just short of nothing - nowadays I have a HUGE access to the CF community- new friends to be made, experiences and pictures, progresses and fears to share . Thanks Rondi!

2. I am thankful for the new Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI

3. I am thankful that our landlord had the heart tolet us rent her house even though we have 2 cats and she hates cats! Also that our house is within walking distance to stores, exercise paths, an aquatic center, a theatre/art gallery and a Thai food restaurant (yes, and a Hot N Ready Little Ceasar's - but don't tell anyone I actually go there)

4. SO SO very thankful to be in the Forest Hills School district where they actually care about helping us solve our children's issues

5. SOSOSO very thankful to my mom for helping take care of my kids since I have to work 1/2 hour away full time, she has brought my youngest son up to be a polite, caring young man :)

6. Thankful for my neighbors who are there when we need them and keep to themselves when we don't (ahahaaahaa)

7. Thankful to my awesome friends and my brother, who has come back into my life.....

That should suffice for now, gotta get back to the grind. Thanks again CysticLife and Rondi for persuading me to dust off my blogspot!

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Ronnie "Sickboy" Sharpe said...

I'd say that's a great way to blow the dust off of your blog!! Thank you for taking part in Thankful Thursday :)