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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Hot Diggity dog!

This weekend is the annual Eastown Streetfair, one of my favorite events to happen in our humble city. Unfortunately, it will be a bittersweet adventure this year, since this is the first time we will attend as non-residents. Every year I delighted to the sounds and sights of Streetfair, from my front seat perch in our yard. If it was a cold year, I could leave my kitchen window open, make dinner, and listen to the live bands. But, alas, this year, we will be tourists. I don't know if I can even get up the courage to walk by our old house. I know I will have to fight the urge to just barge in the front door (I wonder if I left a key somewhere under a rock?hmmm).
The most exciting part of Streetfair for me this year, however, will not be the killer local bands, the bohemian necklaces for sale or the alternative literature booths, oh, no, as soon as I get out of that minivan, I am heading right for YESTERDOG!
I have been dreaming, yearning for Yesterdog all month. I even tried to use a subsititute. I went to Cook's drive-in and ordered a company dog, which has the same toppings as a Yesterdog - chilisauce, mustard, ketchup and shredded pickles (yes - I skipped the onions - see last post) - ahhhh the shredded pickles, I can taste them now - But this Company dog was no Yesterdog, senator. For one, it had chunky - CHUNKY! Chili Sauce. Yesterdog's Chili Sauce is not really chili sauce, it is more like gravy or brown dressing, and that is why I like it. I hate ground up meat pieces in my sauce. I am a pure sauce girl - don't mess it up by adding unnecessary texture, just give me the sauce, plain and simple. Also, their hot dogs just aren't as "wolfable" as Yesterdog's. I can order 3 Yesters and swallow them practically whole, they are so smooth and easy. The Cook's dog took a while, I had to get past the chunkiness, of course, and the dog itself wasn't as tender as the Yester. Guh. I could go on and on, but you've probably stopped reading already. Can you understand that I am DYING for a Yesterdog? Ok? Good. Let's move on!
Ok, I can't move on, I have to have a Yesterdog. Maybe I can pretend this PB&J is a Yester.....uh, nope, didn't work, I guess I'll have to wait until Saturday. 60 more hours...they better not be closed for repairs. Fire up those steamers, Patti Sunshine is comin' through!!


Steven Armstrong said...

Hmmmm. . .
Makes me hungry just reading about those Yesterdogs.
Right! I'm off to the kitchen to microwave a Ballpark!

Anonymous said...

Did you get your hotdog? God, I hope so! :)

patti said...

Yes, I did, Anonymous, see pic above...and man, it was soooooooooo goooooood!

patti said...

Yes, I did, Anonymous, see pic above...and man, it was soooooooooo goooooood!

Anonymous said...

Yesterdog is actually an Aiken Pool Hall dog and the recipe can be found at http://www.razzledazzlerecipes.com/memorialday/hodogc.htm
use this sauce with the cheapest dog and bun you can purchase with the condements you choose and you have your yester at home.

Danielle said...

i was looking for pics of yesterdogy and came across your blog!!! I lived in grand rapids , michigan by the van andel arena for a year, I am originaly form philly and live in philly now but wa sout there for a year. I miss it so much there!!! Yesterdog was the best, omg I am so craving it too bad i cant get it on the east coast!!! yall had good mexican food there too! i miss michigan!

Lisa said...

I'm counting down days (40) until I'm back in Michigan and can have a cheddardog!! Nothing in California can match a cheddardog!