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Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Swiping an idea from Marie , I will now list my plans for October, whether you care to read them or not!

This month I will:
Read Fistful of Sky
be a guest at 2 weddings
learn how to do that link thing here
have fun at bookclub
go on a color tour
ride my bike (while I still can)
organize the baby's room
start saving $$ for the holiday season
make more home-cooked meals!
Visit Robinette's Apple Orchard for a pumpkin cinnamon doughnut, cider and a hayride -Yeeehaw!
Help Todd make a robot costume for the boy
So, what are YOU going to do this October?


Anonymous said...

I will: go to Cambria for a weekend and visit Hearst Castle, attend two birthday parties, enroll the little one for ballet and tap classes, research on schools, get going with potty training (not me, the girl!), order personalized stamps for our Christmas cards, go trick or treating (again with the little Miss). I might: go bird watching in Malibu, go on a fundraising walk, accomplish one or two things on my home improvement to do list, finish reading all the books I borrowed in the library. Whew!

It's nice to see that you're finally blogging, Patti! Welcome to the blogging world!

-this is Marie by the way (http://girlfactor.com) ;^)

Anonymous said...

I will:
Volunteer for the Grand Rapids Dog Park Kick-off, 10/2
Attend the Vote for Change concert (REM, Bruce Springsteen, etc), 10/3
Walk in the Breast Cancer Walk,10/16
Work on my Hitchcock-ian Halloween costume (that's my only hint!)
Host book club at my house, 10/19.
Finish painting the exterior of my breezeway.
Finish staining my antique dining room set.
Hopefully go on an all-inclusive vacation somewhere tropical and beachie.
Maybe travel to New Mexico for work.

Anonymous said...

Hey, did you start the book yet? I opened it up last night and read 82 pages! I never knew I was a sci-fi fan. I'm really enjoying it. When I went to pick it up at Schuler's the other day, the guy who helped me find it was surprised that we chose it for book club. He said it's not at all a typical book club selection. So we're a very open-minded group!


Steven Armstrong said...

Patti! Congrats on learning to do links! I'm so proud of you! (You DID learn it from me, right??)

My October has started with a BANG! (read all about it at http://brilliantmadman.blogspot.com )

As for the rest of the month, I will:
- Finally finish reading "Skinny Legs and All"
- Begin reading "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (Thank you, Patti!)
- Begin attending Mass regularly
- Attend RCIA classes every Wednesday (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)
- Learn at least two new songs with my quartet
- Perform in concert with the Newport News Sweet Adelines
- Study up on the Microsoft Dot Net Framework
- Learn to program in C#
- Post in my blog at http: . . . oh, I already advertised!