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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Oops. I did It Again

I was halfway to work this morning when I suddenly realized with a heart-stopping wrench of terror, that I had (gasp!!!!) forgotten to put on make-up!!!!

I am not, in any way shape or form, a girly-girl or a "make-up face". I usually go with just a light coat of mascara, eyeliner and blush, and, if feeling pasty, I'll draw on some lips too. But I never ever, never, leave the house without SOMETHING there.

There is a reason for this...it's what I call "the jinx". Every single time I have left the house without doing the face or hair or bathing ritual, or decided to just throw on whatever clothes happened to be crumpled in a pile on the floor (because after all, I was only going to "run" to the coffee shop or the theatre or the art library, and of course, why would anyone be at any of THOSE places with a CAMERA?!), I have ended up either in the newspaper, on TV or in someone's movie. With my lack of hygenic attention on display for the whole world, or at least whomever happened to be paying attention that day.

So here I am, at work, with no make-up on my face, wondering when it will hit, cowering at my desk like a cow when it senses a tornado, just waiting for someone to suddenly decide to do a documentary on battery watering systems, needing my naked-face input, of course. To add to the paranoia, I will be leaving the building in 5 minutes to go to a dentist appointment, raising the bar on my chances of running into a camera-wielding interviewer. My car also happens to be out of gas, and I am just willing to bet that today will be the day that the news does a story on the ever-fluctuating price of fuel. Perhaps one of you will see my in all my pale-face glory tonight on Fox. I'll be sure to wave.

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