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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Early in the morning, a few weeks ago, as I was rushing around the house practicing the AM routine, I glanced out the window into the backyard and saw a softball sitting in the woodchips by our fence. Not having my glasses on, I thought nothing more of it other than "hmm, the neighbors must have hit their ball into our yard". A few days later, I glanced out the window again at the same spot, and thought, "hmm, that's not a softball, it looks more like a big plastic bag. Wonder how that got there. Must've looked like a softball since I didn't have my glasses on". I told the 4 year old to go over and pick up the bag and throw it away. He bent down to touch it and immediately retracted his hand, and with a horrified expression, proclaimed "the white stuff came off on my hand!".
Growling and muttering about how I have to do everything around this house, I went down to pick the bag up myself. Only it wasn't a bag, it was an alien creature egg...or so I thought, until I poked it with a stick and realized it was a nuclear-grown, world-record sized mushroom. I immediately speared it on the stick and tossed it into the refuse bin. That is, after I stopped to take some pictures.
Today, I glanced out the window and saw that the giant overgrown mothermushroom has now spawned two offspring in its place!

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