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Sunday, September 11, 2005

interesting article

As I find informative articles about CF that you all might enjy, I will post them here.
Following is an uplifting article about CF and the fact that people with it are suddenly living longer.


Terri Lynn said...

There's hope Patti. Keep posting the articles, I enjoy reading them. Did Hayden say "da da" yet? WE WANT PIXS. Post more when you get a chance, I know you are busy. Thank you for the picture of Hayden that you mailed to me. What a happy boy. How's Riley? Tell him Aunt Terri misses him. Next weekend (24th or 25th) would be good for me to spend time w/the boys. You and Todd can go out on a "date".

patti said...

Thanks Terri! He did say dada once, but just once. He is now pulling himself up on the furniture and the toys and walking them across the floor. Ri thinks it's hilarious!
We'd love to go out next weekend. Call us!