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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Seven

Here's mine:
Seven things I:
Am afraid of: Faces in windows, losing my kids, car accidents, war, terrorists,animals mounted on walls, icy roads

Like most: music, dancing in my living room, driving in the country with Todd, forests, photography, reading, laughing

Random facts about me: I'm adopted, I met my birth mother and sister - actually now, the whole family,I hate driving, I have webbed toes, I won a writing contest in high school for poetry, I sang in a couple operas when I was in junior high. One of which was Carmina Burana, I partied with Timothy Leary in college (he came to the house party where I lived)

Important things in my bedroom:(oookaaayyy) uh... bed, reading lamp, dual alarm clock, baby monitor, baby's nebulizer, clothes, candles

Things I want to do before I die: Take my kids to Europe, live outside of Michigan, publish a children's book, send my biological father a letter about me, reconnect with old friends, see Hawaii, be a grandmama

Things I can do: edit people's writings, paint, ski, multitask, hairwraps, cook quesadillas,a backbend

Things I can't do: Drive a stickshift well, type without peeking at the keyboard, kiss my elbow, wear foundation, stop kissing my kids, not laugh at least once a day

Things I say the most: beyatch, hee hee, er sumthing, you __ nazi (paper nazi, coffee nazi, fill in the blanks), what doing?, yeehaw, that's right

celeb crushes: Steve Buschemi (sp?), Paul Newman, Jude Law, Madonna (don't look at me like that), The host of "the Secret Life Of"...on food Network, Mr. Rogers, Jack Black

Favorite things about my partner: His two-toned eyecolor, thick dark hair, dark eyebrows, his embarassed smile, his collarbone, the fact that he is not afraid to cry, his ability to surprise me

People I want to see take this quiz:Lori, Cari, anyone who reads this and has a blog


Anonymous said...

Steve Buschemi???? Wow. That is not one you expect to see. :) I'll do this on my blog this weekend. I like it. cc

Anonymous said...

i know you have a beautiful voice and can make us smile. I will agree on the stickshift since I taught you to drive, we went backwards a long way. I think you have a rare quality of making young children ezpress their creativity. Love from Portland