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Friday, November 18, 2005

Tear jerker

While dropping my 4 year old off at preschool today, his teacher called me over to look at a project that the kids had done. She showed me a list on one of those oversized Kindergarten type notepads. It was a list of what the kids were thankful for. The teachers had asked each student for input. At the top of the list was "God then "trees" then mom and dad, toys, etc., and right there in the middle was the phrase to end all phrases. It said "for my brother to not be sick (R.)". Yep, I bawled, right there, in front of 24 pre-schoolers and three teachers.
I bawled all the way to work, and I told my coworkers about it then went to my desk and sobbed. Then I called my husband and told him, and he cried.
Later, I called Grandma, and she broke down.
The preschool teacher summed it up: "even though that boy is a challenge, one thing is for sure, he has a big heart".
That's my boy!


Anonymous said...

r loves h, shows great compassion at such a young age. Love from Oregon

lori said...

Thanks for sharing, Patti. That's sucha sweet story. Love moments like that one. It's something you'll remember forever!

CFchampion said...

Hi, you posted on my "cystic fibrosis blog" and signed my guestbook. Thanks so much for that :) I have this huge passion for others with CF: kids, teens & adults. my family and I would love to be of any help if that is something you would like.
God bless,