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Monday, October 04, 2004

Autumn winds blow chilly and cold...

Fall is my favorite time of year. My niece is so lucky to have been named after this glorious season. (Her name is Autumn, not Fall...*ahem*)

Using My dad's visit from Oregon as an excuse, I took a paid vacation day and toured our city, on the verge of blossoming into the technicolor wonders of the season. The air was a bit more chilly than I had anticipated, so seeking out pools of direct sunlight was high on my list. Alternating incubation with observation,Dad,the boy and I were able to squeeze in several activities before dinner time.

Our first stop was the everpopular Robinette's Apple Orchard, where I consumed my traditional "Opening of Fall Pumpkin Spice cinnamon doughnut". Just as I imagined, the doughnut was warm - freshly baked - and so tasty, I didn't notice the empty calories. We had hoped to score some hot cider, but those crazy Red Hat Society ladies jumped in the cider bar line before us, and I opted to buy a cold pint from the country store instead. I was on a mission to get on with the tour, and I wasn't going to let those yippity Red Hats get in my way! The boy ran to the wagon/slide and took about 3 rides before he came shivering back to my dad and I, so we decided to continue our tour in a heated environment.

Our next destination was Pooh's Corner, a bookstore that I frequented as a child, and, although it is now quite out of my way, is the only place I will spend money on children's books. Riley played with the Brio trainset while I picked up a copy of a Fire engine book, Bread and Jam for Frances, and my dad bought a book about a lady with lots of cats. We spent quite some time here, as the extremely energetic boy needed to expend some of his jetfuel before getting in the van again.

My son had been begging me to take him to a new park that we pass on our way to preschool, so today seemed the best opportunity. Once again, after we hopped out of the Kia, I proceeded to find my little niche of UV rays as the boy shoved his new toy Corvette down the slides. There was a very curious stone path in the rear of the park that I was dying to explore, so we all took off on that excursion until the boy got the willies and decided the woods were too scary and dark to endure. (dang it!Although I have to admit, I had watched some real-life abduction/murder investigation stories the night before, and deep down, I felt his fear). So we merged back to the playground and watched some daring teens (why weren't they in school?)ride their bikes on the skate ramps until our goosebumps grew in-laws, and we had to call it quits.

Although I had dreamed of a day full of colored leaves, a long hike in the woods and piping hot cider, the hours we spent together were beneficial for the three of us. My dad and I talked more than we had in a year, and the little man had his own jolly good fun. All of this, and I was paid for it too!

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Steven Armstrong said...

Patti, I just love the way you write. I was right there with you at the orchard, the bookstore, the park. You are quite talented. And you drive a Kia, just like me! Are you sure you're not my TWIN SISTER (born several years later...)?