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Thursday, December 02, 2004

birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays

For me, this season is not only about holidays, but also it is the time for the big birthday rush. It seems that everyone I know has a birthday in these current 2 weeks. Todd's birthday falls right after Thanksgiving, so while everyone else is rushing to get the holiday shopping and baking done, I am focusing on his birthday. Last year, as he most likely will never forget, we also had just moved into our new house, so the little stress monster in me kinda sorta made a big fat appearance on his birthday and kinda sorta ruined his special day.

This year, I invited some old friends over to help celebrate, made him the cake he wanted (german chocolate with peanut butter frosting - I was afraid of this at first but it actually tasted great!), bought him gifts that he wanted, and made his favorite dinner .....ok, he actually made the dinner.

It was his special famous spaghetti that is quickly gaining popularity with our dinner guests. I don't know how he does it, but he cuts up a bunch of Roma tomatoes, other veggies, tofu and who knows what else, cooks it down and then we pile it on our noodles. The flavor of the sauce is so amazing that you could eat it solo as a meal. I soaked up the juices with loads of garlic bread - in your face, Atkins!

Now that Todd's big birthday celebration has passed, I can focus on the bazillion other engagements that I have marked on my calendar. This month I will.....
Get my hair dyed to its natural color (hopefully)
Christmas shopping (yikes!)
Get a real Christmas tree
Finish and mail the Holiday letter
Help with Gypsy Auditions at the theatre
Gather with the book club at San Chez (a Tapas Bistro)
Attend my son's Christmas concert
Try to remember to sell some things on ebay
See my former yoga instructor who moved to Hawaii
Go to Todd's mom's for Christmas
Have my birth mother and "special friend", Todd's dad and wife over for Christmas Eve's Eve
(the 23rd)
Go to my mom's for Christmas Day
Go to the Flaggert's annual party (we will meet their newest grandson, Jack)
Try to relax and get ready for a birth!
What are YOU doing?


Anonymous said...

"Try to remember to sell some things on ebay"
Haha. That's always on my list and probably always will be. I never remember even if I have stuff to sell.

Marie (girlfactor.com)

Anonymous said...

And one more thing: Hurray for real trees! Hopefully next year we'll get a real one and chuck the fake one for good! ;^)

Marie (girlfactor.com)