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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Christmas Marathon

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I promise I will get some pictures on here soon. It's just been a bit nuts at our house lately.

This year I partook in what could be coined The Christmas Marathon!!! This is what happens when one has a super-extended family such as I do. Although I love to see people and have family gatherings, shoving five separate such occasions into one week turns out to be quite exhausting for a nine-months pregnant lady. Right now, I am left feeling like an old pillow with half the cotton pulled out. I'm so exhausted that I actually wore my glasses to work. (ew!) ok, I also didn't take a shower either, I'll admit, and it just so happens that I ate at an Indian restaurant last night so I have that lingering onion/curry odor about me (sorry to the doctor that will be checking me today). I tried to cover the scent up with perfume and Todd's super-duper strongman deodorant, but I merely managed to make myself smell like cinnamon-flowery curry instead. Ah, well. I have an excuse, right?

I'm quite jealous that three of the ladies I know who were due to have babies in January have already given birth. And here I am, left out in the cold, still not hatching and growing bigger and more uncomfortable by the minute. I'm listening with a jealous ear to the plans of my coworkers for New Year's Eve, and hoping that MY plans will include an early visit to the birthing room.

My other plans are to finish organizing tha baby's drawers ( I received loads of baby clothes this holiday, thanks to all for the help!) get the carpet installed in The Boy's "new" room (can you believe, Todd and I found a remnant that was EXACTLY the size of the room for 88 dollahs? SCORE!) put the dang crib together and donate a huuuuuge box of Son's toys to Goodwill. He was quite spoiled this year, seeing as we had FIVE different family gatherings. Did I mention that before? Just trying to make the point clear.

I'm glad that I was able to have Monday off so The Boy could relax and play with his toys. He is so happy when he doesn't have to take on adult responsibilities, as he does on the days when I work. Having those days off makes me feel all the more guilty that I have to work outside the home. We had a perfect day together, filled with laughs, games, singing, dancing, and stories. Not once did he ask to watch TV, either. What a joy!

So now, here I sit at my desk, the calmness that happens after the holiday rush is setting into my bones, and I am now looking forward to the next big adventure...having the baby. It's nice to have something to focus on after all the Christmas ruckus. I know that some people get severely depressed after the holiday letdown, so I am thanking my stars that I have this special goal in my sights. 2005 is going to be an adventurous year, indeed.

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