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Monday, January 10, 2005

not much progress....

I'm still waiting for the contractions to start, I seem to have all the labor signs except the contractions and the breaking of the waters, of course. My due date isn't officially until Jan. 25th, but my Dr. thought I was ready to give birth on Thursday!! Optimist, that one. I have to remember to think the opposite of what she tells me, like when I was pregnant with Boy #1, she told me that the rate of his heartbeat indicated that it was a girl, so I got all wrapped up in the baby girl mode, just to be let down when we had the revealing ultrasound. And when she told me the ultrasound looked promising when I was having a miscarriage. So when my Dr. said that this one would be a girl, I knew it would be a boy...and guess what! ( I was right)

Today, I'm feeling ultra-funky and showing more signs of imminent labor, stomach aches, but no contractions. I will call you (close friends and family) when I actually have the baby, so don't think you need to check here.

For now, I'm putzing along with my days, cleaning like a mad-woman, plucking my eyebrows at a rapid rate(pregnant women in the 1980's must have LOOOOOVED these hair-producing hormones). Trying to keep my belly warm and covered. Someone really needs to design maternity shirts for women with long torsos. I've got major Britney action going on here, and my belly keeps pushing my pants down, so I've got low-riders with by belly hanging out. Kinda like an ex-footbal player in his mid-40's. All I need is a stained wife-beater shirt and a bottle of beer. Well, I best get going now, as I said, I'm not feeling myself today and if I keep babbling, I may end up offending someone, if I haven't already!

More later!


Anonymous said...

Well, I DO think I need to keep checking here for an update! I can't help myself. Just want you to know I'm sending good vibes your way.

Lare' Pate'

patti said...

Remember,Laurel, you are one of my main contacts, so you'll get to hear first!