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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Waiting Game

I am now dilated between 3 and 4. Still no action though.

One could say that the nesting instinct has fallen upon me at this point. Although I don't consider it so much "nesting" as it is knowing that when a baby comes to a household, it means lots of surprise guests dropping in at any given time, and so one must have their household looking presentable in case of such incidents. I guess the term "nesting instinct" is a lot more to the point and less wordy, isn't it.

This nesting instinct doesn't just affect my home, I find myself fighting the urge to clean all of my coworker's desks, the upstairs cafeteria which I don't use, the bathrooms, the hallways and I've noticed that the janitor's closet could use some organization. Maybe I could help? Of course, the one thing stopping me from putting on my maid's uniform is the fact that every time I stand up, the baby's head pushes on my bladder, and I end up run-walking, sumo style, to the bathroom instead.

I have almost become more familiar with the employee bathroom than I am with my own husband. I know every scratch, dent and speckle of dirt on each floor tile as if they were freckles on my hand. I've even made a game out of my visits - a routine that I must follow to a "T" or risk the fates of the bathroom gods. I'm getting bored with the game, so I think I will start timing my visits, try to see how fast I can get by the end of the day.

Such is the exciting life of a 38 weeks pregnant lady!