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Monday, January 03, 2005


I know I said I would put pictures on, but since I got the news that I was dilated to 1 and the "mucous plug" was gone, I decided to take a resting weekend in case the baby wanted to appear. No baby yet, but I am so grateful for the extra rest that I got.

Everything is in place, so we are now just waiting to hear that I am more dilated than I was last week. The boy has a beautiful new room with faaaabulous new (cheap) carpet, the baby's room is organized. I spent hours upon hours sorting out 0-6 month sizes from the rest. All are labeled and boxed, the 0-6 month sizes are in the dresser. I was the queen of organization this weekend. Practically everything in our house now has a labeled box. I remember a time when I scoffed at Todd for buying that label-maker thingy, but now, once again, I will admit that he was (cough) RIGHT!

So I'm back to work now, and speaking of work, I need to get to it. If you see me, please don't say "Oh, you're still pregnant" or "when you gonna have that baby?" For a pregnant woman, that is utterly annoying. How the hell do we know? (unless you have a scheduled c-section). We'll let you know when the baby is here. In fact, here is a list of things NEVER to say to a pregnant woman. Unless you want your face smashed in (at least in our minds)

1. You're so big!/You've gotten so BIG!
2. Have you put on weight hahaha? (NOT funny, people)
3. Are you sure you're not having twins?
4. When are you gonna have that baby?
5. You look like you're ready to pop (grrrr)
6. When I was pregnant, no one even noticed!!!!

Thanks for understanding. I'll keep you informed on the progress.


Anonymous said...

I am keeping yall in my thoughts! I am so looking forward to hearing your story and how the birthing goes.

oh and other things not to say to pregnant woman are conversations regarding horribly gone wrong births. We need our minds in positive mode, not freaked out mode!
--Yvonne & Vidar (17months now!)

Meredith said...

I'd like to add "What not to say to a woman right after she has given birth."

-"Now that the baby's here you can work on losing all that excess weight."

I kid you not my soon-to-be ex mother-in-law said that to me when everyone left the room and I was munching on the box of chocolates that SHE brought me. The nerve!

Anyway, best wishes for a safe and healthy delivery. I'm getting ready to celebrate my daughter's first birthday on Jan. 12. It brings back fond memories of last year this time.

patti said...

Thanks, Meredith, I tried to comment on your blog, but no luck. hmph. My Grandmother actually did something similar before my first son was born. She sent me tips on how not to gain weight during pregnancy. Well, I did gain weight, and I also lost way more than I gained. But I really didn't care either way. I figured I was going to be a mom, and that role was my main focus, not my weight. Happy birthday to your daughter!