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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Am I psycho?

This morning I drew stunned open-mouth gapes and quizzical snickers from my coworkers as I rummaged through the trashcan, which happened to be full of toner and coffee grounds, trying to find my bag of turkey slices that I thought someone threw out. I was planning on using the slices for my lunch . I had brought the bread and the cheese slices for the very purpose of layering them with the turkey. I was a woman obsessed and posessed by the need to find my turkey! Was it me turning psychotic or just PMS?
As I was starting to ponder over whether or not I should be admitted to Pine Rest Mental Health Facility, I remembered that last night, I happened to watch the TV show "30 Days" and the challenge last night was for a wasteful couple to survive 30 days living in an experimental eco-friendly community. I must have had some subconscious guilt from watching the show and I had ultimately carried it over. Yeah, that's it.....I'm not flipping my lid......


Anonymous said...

did you find the turkey? cc

patti said...

er, yes, it turns out it was in the door of the fridge behind some sodas. :!