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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Plucking A

I was just about to sit down and write about the whole amazing process which is the cycle of life, after observing the behaviors of my Grandmother compared to that of my 5 month old, when I stopped for a bathroom break. When I looked into the mirror, of course checking my hair situation as we all do, there it was staring back at me...flashing, glowing, like the most annoying of neon lights over Broadway.....my first GREY HAIR!!!!!!!!!
I was feeling all sorts of youthful today in my new summery outfit with my flouncy skirt and my rose-colored shirt (which my mom bought for me to help boost my current sagging confidence) and that darned thing had to come out and make its debut. I immediately plucked the sucker out, wondering if I should save it in my jewelry box, like my mom did with my baby teeth. I caressed it between my thumb and forefinger, pondering my life and the new bracket of aging that this tiny thing signifies. I decided to toss it, thinking maybe it was a fluke, it will be the only one. If I dump it, they won't come, right?
How silly of me to think that. Of course, by yanking the little guy out, I am most likely encouraging others to take its place. I imagine that within months, my whole head will be littered with the alien creatures. Maybe my eyebrows will even turn white (that might look cool). Will I be one of those ladies who will fight the signs of time and color it, or will I let nature take its course and let it all grow out? To be continued............


Molly D said...

Hey, don't feel too bad...my first gray hair was found by my hair dresser on the morning of my wedding! I was 22! I haven't noticed any since then so you may have a long reprieve before any more show up! (Myron on the other hand has been going salt and peppery since about 17...but on men it looks "distinguished," right?!) :)

Anonymous said...

Let me just say "It's about time!". I mean -- you've earned it by being a wife, mother and having a full-time career. I've only got one of those things and I've got more than a few greys. Welcome to the club. -Laurel

Anonymous said...

it is a sign of intelligence, don't knock it, mine is getting whiter each month. when hair grows in places that you don't want, then there is trouble ahead. Love from Oregon