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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

and...he's back!

Hurrah! After exactly one month, my little miracle boy has arrived home. We had a pleasant night together as a family in our dirty, messy, neglected house (but, hey! The love was oozing out of all the cracks).
Hayden seemed quite comfy in his crib, which he had never slept in until last night. It seems the hospital stay cured my worry about how to transition him from the "family bed" to the crib at 3 months.
I must admit, I am going to miss the hospital. I loved the staff there, and some of them even thought I worked there, we had been around so much! (not to mention the free food that I received as a "nursing" mother - ha!) I also feel guilty, because one of the little boys who was in the PICU when Hayden was there did not get to go home with his family. It was an eerie coincidence that the day Hayden was discharged, this boy's family was having a funeral. It makes me feel so saddened.
I'm back at work now and trying to keep my emotions in check as much as possible. It's hard, what with my hormones going nutty from not breastfeeding and the worry about our success in parenting a "special needs" child, Todd finding a job that allows him to care for Hayden, getting bills paid, etc. etc. I'm just so glad that I have this wonderful network of friends that I can bawl in front of! I'll try to get in touch with everyone, but it will have to be after 9PM. I just got our Nextel bill in the mail, and it almost put ME in the hospital!


Anonymous said...

Yay Patti! I'm so happy to hear that the little man is out of the hospital! Congratulations! That is so great. And don't worry, you'll do absolutely fine with it all because you're a great mom!! cc

Gayle said...

Woohoo!!!! I am so glad to hear this fantastic news! How wonderful to see prayers being answered all around us. I hope to get to see lil Hayden soon and give him the hugs with my arms that my heart has been sending these past weeks.
Hugs to you too sweet Patti. I'm so glad things are going well!!

Anonymous said...

Hooray...he's finally home!