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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

braggity brag brag

Sorry, but I really do need to gloat for a moment, if I may....
We went to Hayden's first CF clinic appointment today, and his doctor said she had never seen a CF baby look so healthy and on track so soon after being hospitalized (cheesy grin)!
He is now 12 lbs, and the dietician is so excited to see him back on the charts.


Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Congrats Patti! Thats such great news! Keep fattening him up so he stays healthy and happy!

Anonymous said...

oops - that was one was from me - I forgot to sign my name. :) cari

Molly D said...

We are SO glad that Hayden is home! We prayed for you all with our college Bible study last night and I have lots of friends who have been praying and asking about you. We will continue to ask for God's protection and healing for your sweet little one!

Anonymous said...

Hello sis-in-law. Hayden looks SOOOOOOOO good. I just love the pics of Riley and Hayden, brought big tears to my eyes. Give all your boys, including my brother, big kisses and hugs for me. Give yourself a big hug too, you deserve it. You can brag all you want. I love all of you. Terri

Anonymous said...

Your two little guys are beautiful and the pictures of them together are awesome! It is a blessing knowing that your family is together in your own home. Keep bragging and posting photos!
Merry Ellen