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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mother's Day

I certainly had a wonderful Mother's Day, it was spent with the baby sharing laughs, coos and giggles. He seems like a perfectly healthy baby were it not for the facts and the obnoxious tube sticking out of his nostril.
The doctors want to keep him at the hospital a bit longer. They say he is not gaining weight at the speed that is needed. There has also been talk of putting in a G-tube before he goes home, to ensure that he gets enough calories during every feeding.
I'm getting very tired - of the hospital scent on his skin, the tiny room, even the gorgeous view is beginning to wear me out. I'm forever grateful to all the friends and family who have been huge pillars of support. I would not have made it through this time without all the encouraging words and prayers!!!!
Tonight, Lori has offered to do the grocery shopping for us, I can't believe that I haven't been to the supermarket in over A MONTH!
I promise to keep you all informed, I am getting all of your messages. I hope to thank you all individually - for now I am rushing through the day to get to the hospital so I can hold my little baby as much as possible. One positive out of this experience is that Hayden and I have truly bonded as mother and son, and that is the best Mother's Day gift ever!


Anonymous said...

Sue and I are thinking of you and Hayden and pray he will be home soon. Sue has been in pain, the neck not another place. I will plan to visit soon when things settle down. Love from Oregon

Paul said...

Patti! I'm so happy that Hayden is home and doing so much better finally! I knew that all of your friends'n'family would be a boon to helping you all -- especially Hayden -- pull through this. I'll bet that once you guys learn how to live with the CF, you'll barely even be able to tell he has it. I hope Riley is doing better now too that you're all home as a family together again.