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Monday, May 16, 2005

good news

And finally, some good news! Our older son's DNA test came back negative for CF, meaning he is not even a carrier! Yahooo!
We are still waiting to hear of Hayden can go home today. One doctor said yes, the other needs to agree. The scary part will be bringing him home, since, if something goes wrong, we won't have the nurses and the equipment right outside our door. Our family has a huge adjustment coming up....breathe....breathe......we'll take it as it comes!

In other news,I got to cheer my old boss/friend, Andy on as he finished the 25K River bank run> He did an excellent job, I believe he came in somewhere around 1:40. (and he's in his early 40's too!!!) The winner came in around 1:15, I think. I snagged some pictures, hope to post sometime soon! We also have pictures of Hayden without his feeding tube that I need to get on here. He's been laughing and chatting up a storm, but WILL NOT smile for the camera. I think he gets mad when I cover my face with it. Ah, well. At least I know he's smiling!

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Anonymous said...

irish eyes are smiling. I hope Hayden has sunny days ahead. I will try to reach you again. Love from Oregon