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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

hawking product

Last weekend, I forayed into a realm that I would normally shun - the MALL! The truth is, and this is very difficult for me to admit, as I am anti-advertising/big corporation peddling, I saw an ad on TV for Old Navy tunics. I looooooooooooooove tunics, especially now that I need to cover up my remaining 15 lbs of baby fat on my belly. I usually get my tunics from Vintage clothing stores, so that they are authentic, from India, but hey- I was really needing some tops for work, so I packed the little dude up in his stroller and entered into the overly-brightened halls of the local shopping mall.
After purchasing not one, but THREE different colored tunics, I remembered that I had a couple birthday parties coming up that I needed toys for, and H. was sleeping nicely in the stroller, so I pushed that little bundle all the way down to the other side of the mall - acres and acres away - and I passed by a Burt's Bees kiosk on the way. Suddenly, a light went on in my tiny head! I remembered that my coworker, Jean, was turning 90, and I thought I might buy him some exotic teas, since he is a naturalist and a vegetarian, but I figured, hey since I am here, and not at the tea store, I can save myself a trip and get him a nice gift pack from Burt. (see, advertising sucking me in again, dang it!!!!) I grabbed a nice little pouch filled with natural camping supplies - toothpaste, salve, lip balm, etc. - and just as the friendly/eager gal was ringing me up, I was enticed by yet another evil marketing scam, the "lipgloss next to the cash register" trick! I tried a sample, and I was hooked! I love the stuff, it's mentholated lip balm(I am totally addicted to that certain "buzz" that it gives your lips) with a bit of pigment added, so that you get the conditioning and the color all at once. Genius guy, this Burt is! The "Lip shimmer" as it is called, leaves a nice sheer tint on the lips, so it's no too lip-sticky, not too "Chapsticky" either.
Although I hate the mall and all it stands for, I have to say, it is much easier to get my "one-stop" shopping done there. I came out spending a lot less money than I planned, saved on gas and got a little exercize to boot. If only they could invent a mall in the Frank Lloyd Wright tradition, so as not to kill 5 acres of trees and landscape, then I would be totally satisfied.

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cari c said...

I love the Burt's Bees mentholated balm stuff! When we were stuck in our tent all winter my tentmate and I would stop and yell "Burt's Bees!" every time we put the stuff on (which was OFTEN).

You have a coworker turning 90? Still working? Man...