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Saturday, April 23, 2005


Baby H. took a turn on the night before we were supposed to be released. He was having trouble breathing in the middle of the night, so they rushed him down to have a chest xray and more (always more) blood tests. Right now, they say his blood is low in albumin (proteins) they need to figure out if he just isn't maiking enough or if he's making a lot and losing them and why. His chest has more crud in it than before (pneumonia, although it's not the virus, just anything in the lungs is considered'Pnuemonia") he has reflux, so he isn't keeping his food in, we need to beef him up before he goes home, and he also has the anemia problem. This weekend, they will have a neurologist come in to make sure his floppiness and lack of eating interest is related to his illness (the cough/cold) and not something in the motor skill/cognitive department.
All I know is that I miss seeing his smile. He was so happy and chatty before he got sick and now he just lays there and complains.
Also, they gave him a diuretic because they had pumped him too full of IV fluid, and his legs and feet puffed up. He wasn't peeing it out like a normal person, and they need to figure THAT out too. SHEEESH!!!! So now they have him on the IV (in his head) with the minimum fluid to keep him nourished, and they want me to try to "beef" him up. He is also on Prevacid for the reflux and antibiotic for the cough/lung issue.
Sorry if this is poorly written, but I'm trying to get it all out quickly so that I can get back to him.

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