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Friday, October 29, 2004


My friend Cait said it best, "Nothing is sexier than seeing your husband treating your kids well".
My oh, so-talented-with-the-tools husband has created the most beautiful robot costume ever imagined for our little guy. He constructed it out of a box, and spray painted it silver. Most dads, I think would stop there, but, no, my husband worked diligently for hours and days, adding a metal fan thing in the front, weaving wires in and out, and connected colored LED lights around the top edge of the body. Then he added an actual switch so the lights can be turned on or off!

All of those elements would have been more than enough, but no, he went further, to create arms and legs out of that silver foil-looking coil stuff that people use on the back of their dryers ( I think it's called flexible duct, but what do I know?). Then he made a helmet that has bolts sticking out of the sides. It is the coolest retro-robot costume EVER, and I 'm married to the guy that made it! Isn't that sweet?

I'm a bit worried that this fabulous costume won't get much "air-time" seeing as most of our neighborhood, as it turns out, is Christian Reformed, and will not be participating. (even after the town moved the Trick r Treat day to Saturday) I don't get that - I mean, yes, the holiday was based on a pagan tradition, but do little kids even know or care about that anymore? I think they are more interested in the make-believe and the candy, and THAT is what Halloween is about. It's about pretending to be something you are not for one day and getting away with it. On any other day of the year, if someone was driving down the street, or working as a checkout person, or what have you, dressed as Superman or Goldilocks or a pregnant nun, they would be deemed insane! We need to take advantage of these "freebie" days when the insane are allowed to comingle with the sane, a sort of "camouflage" if you will.

Halloween is all about letting go of our inhibitions, expressing our deepest desires to be someone or something other than our every-day selves, it's just all in FUN! My husband says he is going to go knock on every door on our street, whether the porch light is on or not, and ask them to hand over the goods. Not every holiday has to have some deep-rooted religious or political meaning, and this is one of those cases. Halloween, Just DO IT!


Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion: Bring The Boy to Lori's and my neighborhood. Nearly every house participates AND the houses are somewhat close together: a better bang for your buck, so to speak. Our Trick 'R Treat is on Sunday... think about it. You can park for free at 1466 Orville St.

Lare' Pate'

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... And that's just one MORE reason why you should move over to our neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

You'll know who I am - wish I had had Todd to make awesome costumes for our boys years ago. I was never any good at it. Riley's costume sounds fantastic - hope you will post some pics of him for all to see. Enjoyed your essay about Halloween too - you're a great writer. Love, YOM

Steven Armstrong said...

I wish I could be there with Todd on Halloween! I'd help him knock on a few doors and scare the (bodily fluid or substance of choice) out of them! Hoe DARE they deny the children their dress-up fun and their treats! Let a 6' 7", 275 Ed Sullivan show up on their doorsteps, and see what they have to say!

So, will there be any photos of the robot?

Anonymous said...

OK...it's bad enough that some people think it's a sin to mow your lawn on Sundays. (It's OK if they think it's a sin for themselves, but it peeves me to no end when they think I should refrain.) But no Halloween? These have to be the same folks who think Harry Potter is evil and who picketed the Victoria's Secret in Rivertown because the store, GASP, dared put up posters of women in lingerie! As Ms. Laurel said, bring Riley over this-a-way. We'll treat him good!