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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

My husband, the chef

I don't get it....he does it (well...almost!) every time. How my husband can throw together ingredients on a whim - no recipe, no measurements - and make a dish fit for a Queen and her court is beyond my culinary comprehension.
Last night, it was stuffed green peppers (vegetarian, of course), which I usually poopoo, but he made it just right so that the green pepper was still crunchy! (He knows I hate cooked & floppy veggies). Mr. Husband was even so thoughtful as to make extras for my lunch. I am savoring them now, and since the tomato, rice and soy meat flavors have had time to mingle, the tasty outcome is even greater.
I noticed that he also bought some squash from a local farm stand. I can't wait to see what he'll come up with tonight!


Anonymous said...

So what did he make with the squash? Do tell!


patti said...

I ended up making the squash, it was acorn squash with a spicy apple topping, and I am the only one who ate it! Todd is saving the rest of the squash to make his famous squash stew.

patti said...
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Anonymous said...

I think that's why most chefs are men! They know how to cook instinctively. I don't, so I'm lucky my husband can. You're lucky too. ;^)

Steven Armstrong said...

I used to cook. For a while I was an apprentice chef, but now my cooking suffers from too many errors, and therefore fewer trials.

Although, I did whip up a pretty mean lamb and couscous dish in the crock pot a while ago. But that was one success in a forest of failures.