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Monday, October 11, 2004

Sunday Stroll in Saugatuck

{It feels like it has been ages since my last post... we are renting out the room that our computer lives in, so I have to wait until I am at work to get online.}

What a fabulous weekend it was, weatherwise! The leaves on the trees are starting to turn into the amazing fiery colors that make me love the Fall season.

Yesterday, on a whim, our friend Rob G. called us up and invited us along on a color walk through Saugatuck/Douglas. Our initial plans to climb the 300 steps in Douglas and do a beachwalk were nixed due to a couple unexpected encounters, but in the end, we had a fabulous time. Rob and Todd had fun climbing the steps while I manned the van with the sleeping 3 1/2 year old,who ended up wetting the seat in his sleep, so we had to make a detour into the town of Saugatuck for emergency pants!

The emergency stop ended up being a wonderful experience. The town was bustling with people, and the sun was just beginning to set, casting a golden light upon the artfully decorated town. Todd asked around and found out about a kid's clothing store called Landshark's/Landshark kids. The kid's store was closed, but Todd told the manager his sob story and she opened up shop for him (only in Saugatuck, people!)**remember, this all took place on a SUNDAY evening** Todd purchased some sweatpants and Scooby-Doo underwear, which made the boy very excited, and we all jumped out of the van and took to the sidewalks.
Our tummies were letting us know that it was time to eat, so we searched for the perfect sandwich shop. I was amazed to see that every one of the bar/grill type stops were PACKED! ON A SUNDAY NIGHT! Rob informed us that even in the ultra-liberal towns in Germany, the stores all shut down on the Holy day. Too bad real estate is so high in Saugatuck, I wouldn't mind lving in this relaxed environment. We ate at a little diner called Monroe's, which boasted Marilyn memorabilia as well as other 1950's Hollywood cutouts. Our dinner was yummy, but the portions were slim, so we decided we had plenty o' room for ice cream.

There was a debate over which ice cream shoppe to visit, but Rob's choice won out, since it was getting near 8pm and everything else was closed(On our walk, Rob pointed out his favorite stores which included a wine store and an outdoor eatery - When I go to Saugatuck with my mom, she points out her favorite clothing boutiques, and when I go with my friend Laurel, she tends to notice the artist galleries. I decided that, in order for me to see everything Saugatuck has to offer, I will have to go with a different friend each time). We ended up at the uber-fancy Kilwin's, where a caramel apple will put a hefty dent of $7.50 in your wallet (zoinks!). I opted for my usual Blue Moon ice cream, and Todd bought some Choco-Peanut Butter Fudge. We feasted on our treats as we headed back to the car.

The walk to the van was heavenly, as the streets were decked out with twinkling white lights and orange, red and gold Harvest-style decor. The cool, crisp Autumn breeze blew as I marveled at the fact that I had never witnessed Saugatuck in all its evening glamour. It was a fine way to top off the tail end of a weekend, indeed.

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Steven Armstrong said...

I was all ready to jump in here and tell you where to get the best ice cream in the STATE! . . . but then I realized that I was thinking of Kawkawlin, not Saugatuck. That wouldn't necessarily be a leisurely afternoon drive. But, If you DO ever get out east (in Michigan) there's this nice little frozen yogurt/ice cream store in Kawkawlin . . .