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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

camera dilemma

I'm getting quite annoyed with my little digital camera. It's this tiny thing that looks like a pack of Big Red gum, and it's made by Sony. I get tons of compliments and comments on its cuteness, but as far as the pictures are concerned, it gives me the results that I could get with a disposable.

I've heard so many raves about the Nikon D70, and being a Nikon freak myself, I thought I would jump on that bandwagon. After my husband and I did some research last night, we found that the Nikon D70 would cost as much as our leather sofa/recliner set, so I need to turn elsewhere.

I tend to make poor decisions when it comes to buying equipment, and will accept any recommendations for another digital camera of comparable quality to the D70 but priced for the middle class/hobby-only photographer. Ideas? Anyone? Much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

Patti: Check out www.dpreview.com. I'm not sure how much you are looking to spend, but I got my Minolta DiImage Z1 for $399. They have a newer Z2 available now and the Z3 is a tad more pricey. I like the fact that I can switch between auto and manual modes and I like that it has a beefier feel that the cigarette pak cameras -- it's more like a SLR. I've been very happy with the zoom & quality of all my pictures. Good luck!

cari c said...

Sunshine Patti
As I set out for my trip, I am in the same dilemma - a Nikon D70 (which in addition to being super spendy are super huge), a Canon EOS Digital Rebel (since I have an SLR Rebel and the lenses would fit) - also huge - or something smaller? I was told by a friend that the Canon G3, G4, G5 series is just great. We have one here at work and it seems to work pretty well. Takes movies with sound, etc. Have also heard good things about the Coolpix cameras. I bought a digital camera review magazine but it pretty much is unhelpful. I'll bring it home with me, though, and show it to you.